Georgi’s Professional Window Tinting


These guys are very good and very professional. Pricing was fair for what you get. Very quick and efficient and very intricate and they paid huge attention to detail. I'm recommending it to all my friends and family.
Jamie Dyal
I got my windows tinted last year and got the vinyl wrap for chrome grills a few days ago, I'd say his work is just amazing .. the quality and the precision make it worth spending few more bucks! Been here twice now. 👍
Kushal Sheth
I went to Georgis and got my windows tinted and my new BMW looks amazing. I didn't know anything about tint, they explained everything to me and gave me a lifetime warranty using 3m. I highly recommend them.
Julia S.
Very professional my car had a tint before they made it very nice.
Vladimir Jean
Love my Subaru, it came out great. Now I'm protected against rock chips. Tnx Georgi
Sofia M
Brought in my SUV to get two front windows tinted. Great place with fast, friendly service.
Philip Radvan
First class service, great work ethic, and skills. Georgis is a true professional. Tinted my cars there a few times it's always the same good quality.
Mohamed Genena
Got my Ferrari spider done here: Top of the classwork: Very knowledgable; will highly recommend 3m tint is the way to go.
Charles Donavan
I was told I should of done this long ago. And boy I Waited too long. My storefront looks amazing, and no more sun glares!!!!
Franco Santoro
George is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions! He did a terrific job with my Tesla Model 3! I highly recommend him! Thanks for making my car look even more fabulous!
Yudelca Ortega
Reached out for last-minute window tinting, provided an appointment for the next day. Beautiful clean shop & professional tint job! Perfect match to my factory tint!!! Keep up the great work 👍
Victor Perez Jr.
Great service and fast product installation. They tinted my car 3 years ago. I decided to wait and see and saw. All is good as it was when installed. If I decide to tint another (new lease) car, I will be back.
Serge M
Saved lots of energy and cash! I am totally satisfied with your work. Now I can save myself from the sun's harmful rays and really happy that tinting windows protect the sun to reach into my room. You guys are the best team I have ever found. Thanks from my heart!
Erick D. Jackson
So fast and quick dispatch. I loved your suggestions and the tinting window is mind-blowing for keeping my house and furniture safe from sun rays. I would recommend everyone to get their awesome service. Thanks a lot for your great service 🙂
Michael Cox
I am really satisfied by your service that you've done a really great job. I have noticed a very difference within a short time, saving energy and no need to depend on air conditioners in my office. Will love to approach you next time with more work. God bless you!
Ashleigh Bure

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