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Vehicle window tinting services are the heart and soul of what we do at Georgi’s Professional Window Tinting. In the 1990s, founder Georgi Sandoval fell in love with the art of window tinting and grew his business from a small operation in his garage to the wide-ranging business serving customers throughout New Jersey today.

Georgi’s offers auto owners a variety of window tinting services, including window tinting, window tinting removal, paint protection, security film, solar control film, and hurricane and storm film. At Georgi’s, we use the 3m tint and computer cut the film for a perfect fit to your car windows.

Auto Window Tinting Film application by Georgi’s Professional Window Tinting - Emerson, NJ

Did you know that sunlight rapidly increases the rate at which your vehicle interior will fade?

Customers throughout New Jersey use Georgi’s Window Tinting to improve the look of their vehicle, protect their vehicle’s interior, and regulate vehicle temperatures. We are passionate about vehicular window tinting in New Jersey, and would be happy to speak with you about custom jobs and applications!

At Georgi’s Window Tinting, our goal is to help our customers save money while staying comfortable.

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